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Whispers of warriors known as The Branded have been a shield for good and a weapon against evil since the beginning of time.

Their history has slowly been forgotten and their lineage is systematically being erased as the hearts and minds of men molded to darkness. They admired greed. Their tongues lavished in deceit. They murdered in false ideals, and corrupted beliefs. Anarchy and hatred spread across the land The Branded bled and died to protect.

The Branded were recognized and targeted.

The Branded were prosecuted.

They were tortured and executed while the last of their kind took to hiding in hopes of one day rebuilding.

They waited patiently in hopes they could once again stand against the reigning wicked minds.

One day they may again resurface.

They must......

Attached Actors
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Jeremy Ray Taylor
Lead- ASA

Ryan de Quintal
Lead- ADAM

Christopher Kiser

Gavin Walker
Series Regular - TOBIAS

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A timeless heritage of elite warriors re-emerge from the threshold of extinction to stop The Chaos, a nefarious organization embedded within society, from spreading panic and lawlessness throughout humankind.



Rowan and Asa, are still alive because they trusted and relied on each other. Following the eradication of their heritage, they blended into the shadows of society in order to survive. They continued to train and study their tradecraft in secret in hopes to one day fulfill their purpose, to live up to the Brand. 


Meanwhile, The Chaos, a secret society, took a deeper foothold into the world. After their successful extermination of The Branded, they took to finding various avenues of approach for control. Using their influence and numbers, they wedged their way into positions of leadership in order to spread their ideals. Using fear as a primary control, they found themselves in control of weapons trafficking, big pharmacy, politics, and consumerism. Now there is nothing that they can’t profit from in any way they choose. 


One day Adam, a man with a heart shattering past and nothing else to lose, remembers an old bed time story. With nowhere else to turn, he gives his agenda one last hail mary effort. Using his technological knowledge he manages to lure Rowan and Asa from the shadows. 


Rowan and Asa arrive in an unusual place with an unusual ally but most importantly are greeted with leads for the first time in years. Asa, itching to rejoin the fight finds himself at odds with Rowan, who doesn’t share the same enthusiasm, for this new found ally seems almost too good to be true. After deliberation, and an overwhelming eagerness from Asa, Rowan finally gives in but remains leery of Adam. He knows the IT guy has something he isn’t sharing. 


The two Branded with the help of Adam decide to start small and get their feet wet by taking down a local drug kingpin. They end up getting involved faster they could imagine. Taking out the kingpin propels them into the thick of the fight, with another target, this time with a much higher profile - a local assistant District Attorney. 


Doing what they do best, Rowan and Asa hatch a plan to take out the next target. In their success, they make off with a briefcase that could give them names and locations of more. They end up on the radar of The Chaos instead. bringing them face to face with a man from Rowan’s past. 


Tobias, a former Branded turned traitor, takes it upon himself to hunt them down. A personal vendetta and a disdain for the Brand urges Tobias to take the fight to them. An experienced fighter, with a far better understanding of The Branded, he breaks the two of them with ease leaving them with more questions than answers. 


Asa has seen Rowan fight but why did Rowan look terrified? Why did he not fight to death? What was he hiding? 


What is Adams hidden agenda? Why did he lure them out of the shadows? 

Rowan cannot figure out why Tobias would be a turn coat. Why would he end up working for the enemy they swore to defeat? If he was alive, are others? How deep are The Chaos embedded? 


These questions need answers. Asa and Rowan are going to find the answers and end up with so much more than they bargained to find. 



The major theme of The Branded is good verses evil, or as Rowan and Asa see it, the light verses the dark. Born, raised, trained and branded, they exist to extinguish those who wish to bring ill will to the people of the world. The live in the shadows of society balancing the light and the dark without so much as a thank you. 


Revenge comes into play with Tobias. His anger toward The Branded after their ultimate failing, gives him the mindset to eradicate any who still believe in those ancient ways. Rowan and Asa, are targeted giving them a sense of revenge of their own. They must kill a traitor who was once a brother in arms. 


In addition, Rites of Passage becomes a theme in The Branded. Adam, only hearing bed time stories is greeted with the truth. By aiding Rowan and Asa, he becomes an important cog in their success and in doing so with blind loyalty may give him the opportunity to become branded himself, but what will it take? 


The Branded is essentially and underdog tale embedded with rivalry of kinsman, rebirth, discovery and self-sacrificing for an ideal. 




ROWAN: Chris Kiser

 As the experienced team leader of The Branded, his astute composure protected the team from eradication. Constant vigilance from a lifetime of lessons and failures pressures him to keep his partner alive, not only for himself but for the future of The Branded. The unbearable  stress of being one of that last alive compels him to stay in the shadows and attack only from a distance unless absolutely necessary. 


ASA: Jeremy Taylor

An action hungry amateur forced into hiding, the ambitious Asa finds himself at odds with his team leader. An impulsive mindset mixed with a devil-may-care attitude he consistently  finds himself on the wrong end of a gun. His faith and respect for his partner forces him to continually strive to prove himself worthy of the brand. 


ADAM: Ryan De Quintal 

A tech savvy recluse that erases himself from the world. He dedicates every possible moment scouring  the deep net to find an answer for the death of his daughter and the false imprisonment of his wife. Stumbling across symbols and rumors, an old bed time story quickly transforms into an obsession. He commits himself to pulling the only thread to finding the answers to the questions that plagues him. 


TOBIAS: Gavin Walker

With crippling annihilation looming, the former Branded member finds himself full of valuable intelligence worth selling to the highest bidder. Broken free from his instilled bonds, He finds a guilty pleasure in hunting down the remaining remnants of The Branded for sport. 



At this point, The Branded is set in Bristol, Tennessee at Holston Steel Services Inc. and surrounding areas. 




At this time, concerns for corruption are at an all time high. 7 out of 10 Americans believe their government is corrupt and failing to eradicate dishonest politicians. The Branded series would appeal to a minimum of 75% of the nation and provide an outlet for that frustration. Although at first, the enemies appear to be small fish, it will evolve into a larger scale. By showing how deep The Chaos is embedded within politics, it’ll give the fanbase a dedicated plot line that will give them a sense of understanding and drive to keep watching. 


Conspiracy theories and secret societies have been a major selling point in the industry. National Treasures grossed over 350 million dollars. The Da Vinci Code grossed over 760 million dollars and received the television series The Lost Symbol. The audience has always been enthrall by the backstory and mystery of secret societies like those found in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, The Order, The Umbrella Academy, and more. As The Branded story unravels the audience will begin to understand their history, as well as the backstory to The Chaos. These groups have always been around but now the secrets they’ve been hiding will come to light. 


One more avenue of exposure would be videos of the main actors undergoing firearms training.  Since gun safety is a major concern at this time, it would be beneficial to show the safety, security, and precautions taken to prevent accidents. Since the unfortunate accident on the set  of Rust and after the positive reactions to John Wick it would be an excellent selling point to reassure the audience of this concern. 

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